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Minnesota Association for Injured Peace Officers (MAIPO)


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide information and recommendations on available resources and benefits to injured officers and their families. We also help to alleviate other burdens during their time of crisis.

What We Do

Minnesota peace officers become injured on duty as a result of shootings, car accidents, assaults, and other incidents. Serious injuries lead to critical medical problems which require extensive medical care and rehabilitation.

Some officers return to duty after an extensive recovery period, while other officer’s injuries end their law enforcement careers. Our association maintains an informational support system as long as is necessary. Our association provides a mentor who is an officer or spouse who has previously experienced a similar injury. Such knowledge and experience is invaluable in helping the injured officer and family.

Our research has indicated that injured officers and their families are overwhelmed with important decisions that must be made regarding many areas. Making correct decisions are critical to a successful recovery.

Who We Are

Our all-volunteer association is comprised of many licensed and retired Minnesota officers including officers injured on-duty who have retired due to disabling injuries, officers injured on-duty who have returned to work, and officers who have not been injured but believe that injured officers and their families deserve the best assistance possible, and as a profession "we need to help our own."

The Minnesota Association for Injured Peace Officers is a 501c3 tax-exempt charitable organization.

Thank you for your support

Thank you to the Blue Knights MN Chapter IV. Their board presented a check for $1000 to MAIPO at our January MAIPO board meeting.

We do not charge any fees to injured peace officers - we are supported entirely by donations.

We accept donations from groups and individuals. Some of the key groups who have supported our organization include:

  • Association of Training Officers of MN
  • Easter Lutheran Church in Eagan, MN
  • FOP Lodge 8
  • FOP Lodge 11
  • FOP Lodge 14
  • FOP Lodge 19
  • FOP Lodge 21
  • Minnesota State Patrol Troopers Association
  • Suburban Law Enforcement Association
  • Target Corporation